Thursday, September 21, 2006

God save Robert Blake (or Keith Olbermann or Hugo Chavez)

these dudes call shit shit, or so they say.
Olbermann on the President
Hugo Chavez, address to the UN yesterday

I'm kind of freaking out. Too many big questions and big thoughts. I can't seem to make myself feel better by thinking "the world has been going to hell in a hand basket for a long time"... that just doest make me feel any better.


Cabs said...

yeah... I watched a lot of the UN coverage eon Anderson Cooper;s show last night, including interview with some of these guys. it feels like living in the movie one flew over the cuckoo's nest.... who are the crazy ones anyway? who is the "devil" anyway?

my mind keeps circling around to the idea of finding some cheap land in central america or perhaps further south....

maybe it is time to take some spanish lessons?

Biff Metal said...

keith olbermann is a god damn fool. nuff said

shnitzle said...

i actually thought what he had to say was good. but i guess that makes me a flaming liberal. what a f$%^ing stupid system. right, left, to hell with it all.

Cabs said...

Well...I don't know about liberal or conservative or whatever.. but we sure should have stayed focused on Afghanistan longer and done some real and long lasting good there. Now, we have 1/7 the troops there as compared to Iraq and things are beginning to unravel in Afghanistan again. What... stay and see it though for good???? Noooo....not enough to gain from that... we had to take advantage of the momentum and our heightened sense of justification and rush onto Iraq for some (non)compelling reason. Pathetic. Now what? Distract ourselves by starting another war perhaps? How strategic. We are just soooo sophisticated.

Most compelling read on the general topic of our asinine addiction to war? " War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning" (Chris Hedges).... a really intense commentary and real insider view from a NYT correspondent who was on the front lines of every major war for well over a decade....Nicaragua, Yugoslavia, Iraq#1, Lebanon, and more.

Well, enough of using shnitzle's blog to espouse my views but... I couldn't help myself :-)

Cory have land in Argentina yet??????

shnitzle said...

you would think that perhaps history would have told the u.s. something about fighting a land war in afghanistan. its not like the russians lost a nine year battle there or anything. no, that was a liberal conspiracy.