Sunday, April 23, 2006

Briefs, Being Busy and Bad Posture

This semester needs to end. I don't know wether its the good weather, being way to busy to be effective enough at anything, or that the things I'm busy with don't reflect my priorities in life...whatever. schoolwork and other work has become an all consuming beast. Been a good couple days despite that, spend time with the Jet during her vacation, catch up with people at the annual Board of Student Business dinner, hang in Boston with Brett, Scott and Jerod seeing the Briefs and then talking late into the night, and then there was the fruity guy on the corner in bright nylon, and the guy in the bathroom shooting up. That was interesting. And I've discovered that I have terrible posture. Need to work on that. After I get other work done of course.


Cabs said...

Yeah..sounds about right, especially for the last 3 weeks of the SPRING semester.....with work of all types busting forth and way too much fun stuff to do, too.

ah..... guy shooting up in the bathroom?? seriously??

Bad posture?? hmmm... I'm not picturing that...but...well..when you figure out an effective way to work that one out, please, let me know!

mikek said...

!?!?!?!?!?!?! YOU SAW THE BRIEFS!?!?!?! LUCKY!!! lol. how were they?

shnitzle said...

yeah dude was seriously shooting up, it was really weird, i walked in saw that both stalls were taken and did a double take, and then out of the corner of my eye saw that one of the dudes had a needle, he saw my double take and assumed it was because of the needle (you know how weird my double takes can be?) he said: "hey man its only PCP"
the briefs kicked some serious ass. man those dudes are soo good live, unbelievable energy. the venue sucked though, soundwise, semi-tin can reverb, bad sound man and other acoustical issues. despite that i must reiterate that the briefs kick some serious ass.

Cabs said...

yeah...I can picture that double take sooooo clearly... lol!!!!!!

Spicey Pepita said...

WHERE did you see Pat Brown?
Secondly- you saw someone shooting up? Scary.
Thirdly- When I read the title of your entry, the first thought that came into my head was, "He really seems like more a boxers guy to me, but okay."

shnitzle said...

oi oi saw pat brown at the bosb dinner, yeah dude man was shooting up it scared me, and yep, guilty as charged, i despise briefs unless they are the kind that play really fast awesome music.