Sunday, July 03, 2005


feeling weak...oh so weak...i'm such a winer. jess and i went to Milwaukee yesterday, that was fun, checked out the museum of art, and some cool shops around town. we went into the sweetest shoe/clothing/skate store...super trendy. and i found a real skateshop (owned by Paul Zitzer's brother for anyone who cares)!! finally. we went back to the episcipal church today, we're housesitting...what else, going back to madison today for a bike ride. i'll post some pictures when i find the card reader for the camera.

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Cabs said...

Baird's Dad, Frank, had a saying, for which he was well known, "It's a great life.... if you don't weaken." :-) Hang in there....

Life will make you stronger.. .. if you don't let it kill you :-) ...... or somethin' like that.
Hope your bike ride helped you find some new energy.