Friday, July 01, 2005

i'm a pansy

its true i'm a big chicken and cry like a baby when i go to new skateparks. and today while i was driving around looking for this miniture cement bowl i saw a mail box made of a keg. literally. the base of the mailbox was a keg and the mailbox itself was a small 1/2 barrel. weeeirrrdd. when i found the park (hella old and poured very poorly) it was smack dab in the middle of a county fair ...the horses were being kept near the park and a horse owner man came over and flipped out "i told you skateboarders to stop skateboarding [at this free outdoor public skatepark (inserted by me)], your upsetting the horses!!" and grabs this kids board. the kid flipped out and started swearing at the guy and ended up calling 911 on him. that guy was a dork. i say: MOVE YOUR HORSES AMIGO! bah. so i left that sketchy little bowl and headed home, only i accidentally got on a highway (the road ended!) and had to go back towards Madison before turning around...oh yeah, and no skatepark job, they can't hire me for such a short time, nice guys though, gave me a list of town skateparks to check out, aparantly there are concrete bowls in wisconsin. yay. gn


ian said...

pansies are beautiful flowers.

Cabs said...

They make a great addition to salads as well :-)