Sunday, August 10, 2008

back again

Back to Easthampton from quite the trip to cr. beautiful place, wonderful people, driving was probably the most continued insanity of my life, nothing like a late night trip from Puntarenas to Alajuela on the PanAmerican in the dark and fog and rain. 2 days of downtime 5 of travel. photos in a week or so if i have the time and when jess returns with the camera. until then check out her blog: Jet Fuel She is continuing on for another week (in one place thankfully!) and having her first night with the turtles as I type this! Sweet ass.


tzg said...

i'm so happy you two got the opportunity to visit my other home! hope you had a wonderful time... photos!

Shnitzle said...

as soon as possible!!

carrie said...

You posted again!!!!!!!!!!!!!