Thursday, March 08, 2007

john mellonramp is getting a facelift

brett and I, due to our recent lack of gainful employment, decided to stop freaking out and feeling sorry for our respective selves and get something done on the ramp (hey work is work even if it doesn't pay!). Mellonramp is getting a facelift for the spring people! We have a ton of salvaged lumber that has been sitting around, and lots of ideas for the ramp, so: bank goes byby, that side of the ramp will be raised to 6 feet, the deck was in serious need of repair so that too is gone. We'll pour concrete coping on the new deck. Opposite that there will be a new drop in, about 12 inches wide and two feet high. Its going to be sick. So we froze our asses off for a bit yesterday and then ate some pizza and then had a pint.

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Cabs said...

Ok.... no doubt remains. You guys are certifiable! It's been brutal out there for days. I could barely stand walking from my car to my office, my car to my side door, my car to the store yesterday or today.