Wednesday, January 11, 2006

tops in the music dept.

a few, i was thinking about these today, don't have anything else i feel like sharing with the world (or the 5 people that read this blog, no offense, if you read my blog rock on! thanks! just wouldn't want to come across as thinking this is the shnitzle or something and that lots of people, ie, the whole world, read it, hence the qualification). whatever. go to iTunes, most of this stuff is there, i'm feeling lazy and hence no links. Its hard to say whether this order accurately reflects anything at all, totally dependant on what mood i'm in etc etc etc.
top 10 albums of 2005:
10: Human Afterall, Daft Punk
9: This Island, Le Tigre
8: The Fuse, Pennywise
7: Hotel, Moby
6: Steal Yer Heart, The Briefs
5: Live From Earls Court, Morrissey
4: Guitar Player, Brooks Williams
3: Campfire Headphase, Boards of Canada
2: Duane Peters Gunfight, Duane Peters Gunfight
1: Demon Days, Gorillaz

Man that Gorillaz stuff is awesome. I mean, its all freakin rad music, but that album does something to me everytime.

Top 5 albums given to me by someone else this year:
5: Can't think, too tired, i'd say Brazillian Girls but I only listened to a couple of tracks so far
4: Go Plastic, Squarepusher
3: Black Elvis/Lost In Space, Kool Keith
2: Who's Screwin' Who? TSOL
1: Lovage, Lovage

Lovage, wow, Dan the Automator is a genius.

Top 'Old' Albums (stuff I 'discovered' this year, more like someone hit me with it and i woke up to its radness)
1. Astray, Samiam
2. Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death, Dead Kennedys
3. Soul Food Taqueria, Tommy Guerrero
4. The World, U.S. Bombs
5. Long Legs, Die' Hunns
6. Unknown Road, Pennywise
7. Gunfighter Ballads and Drinking Songs, The Shitkickers
8. Off the Chart, The Briefs
9. Rum, Sodomy and the Lash, The Pogues
10. Oh, Inverted World, The Shins
11. Black Tape, The Explosion
12. Light At the End of the Tunnel, The Damned (This is way up there, how'd it come out at 12...stupid fake list?)
13. Destination Failure, The Smoking Popes (this is really number 2 on my list disguised as number 13)

Thats it...


mikek said...

word! nice list of music man!

Cabs said...

whoa....what a list..maybe i will have to do some exploration...there are a few I don't know....
nano nano.....

shnitzle said...

yes def worth checking into