Wednesday, January 18, 2006

goonage at junction

kooky mooky and i ventured down to springfield for some SKATEboarding last night.

after both slamming pretty hard, and not wanting to be busted for Rye this weekend we were about to leave...

until the realization hit us that going really really fast, snake sessions, yelling things at full volume and wearing 'the shroud of seriousness/security hood' was way more fun that being serious and "landing tricks". pretty sure the sight of two grown men ("what you're older than 18 and you do WHAT? Thats so 8th grade." ) flying around yelling was scary, all the kids moved to the other side of the park. kookie jumped head first into a ramp and no one laughed except me, it was really quite a sight, what were they thinking? def one of the most fun sessions EVER. too bad the park is to dark to get any wide angle shots without flash. ah well. someday.

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mikek said...

hahaha, nice scarves!