Wednesday, July 06, 2005

righto dos

i forgot to mention the highlight of my day: i cooked some chicken jalepeno sausage on the grill while jess took a swim in the pool. then we ate on the deck in the sun and talked and i had a cigar. it was so rad.


Cabs said...

Sounds great! I sooo cannot wait to get there and see you guys and hang out and relax and see new stuff wid yas!!! I can'tt believe it is just over 24 hours until we leave. Our flight leaves at 6:10 AM, check in 4:30 or 5AM.....have to park car in long term lot before that.... so we leave Shute-ho at like....Thursday 3:00 AM!!

shnitzle said...

yikes thats early!! can't wait too...woooppee!