Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the glass is breaking

jess has helped me see once again that i talk and talk about doing stuff and don't do 1/4 of the things i talk about. so im taking the book, the cords that bind my creativity, all of the little voices in my head that tell me i'm a failure and convince me to be lazy and not do the things i talk of doing, and i'm throwing it out the picture window. the glass is breaking. screw the rules. i'm gonna make some crap. if thats what it ends up being, fine. at least i did it. and in the doing it i hope to find some cool stuff. so what am i doing? well for one i'm making a film, it will be done in about two weeks. i'm writing the documentary storyboard right now. thanks my love, for helping me to see the light.


ian said...

Right on, brother! Go Go Go for it! I can't wait to see it. It won't be crap.

Cabs said...

Great...good for you have a lot of creativity in there waiting for an outlet!

Here's a quote from an article I just read about the use of EMDR to unleash a person's creativity:
All growth starts with creativity. And all creativity involves inevitable encounters with failure. So, you can't experience growth if you're failure-phobic. Break the silence. Risk feedback. Most usually, you'll find it's a wonderful experience.

bairdnyc33 said...

yeah... don't believe those who say the grass is greener from whence you came!

Jess G. said...

You are welcome, darling! Go for it! I believe in you and your previously constrained creativity. Take off your shoes...the grass feels great! xo