Tuesday, June 21, 2005

tues of a day

well suckas, it was international go skateboarding day, if you haven't gone yet you still have time!! skating is good for your health...i spent 2hrs at the park in town and i feel great! haha.

well, today it was back to the lab for jess and back to painting for me, i got to use an angle grinder on the chimney with a masonry blade for a couple of hours. is that why my head hurts right now and my ears are ringing? the smell/sound/taste of a grinder on cinderblock is like the smell/sound/taste of having your teeth drilled. really, its terrible. i had flashbacks to all the terrible dentist trips of my life. i tried smoking cloves while working, that took the smell away a bit but inadvertantly i inhaled said cloves (i usually only 'puff' on them) and then my nose/lungs hurt. at least i don't have to do more of that...

wow, a whole blog about work, yuck. what was the first part? oh yeah, go skate. if only someone wanted to pay me to skate/write music, read, play and be creative. hah. that will be the day.

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Cabs said...

well i still think you should find some families with 2 or 3 middle school kids who skate and take them skating every day for $$...but..then you said there aren't many skaters there...hmmm....maybe you ought to post something somewhere to teach kids to skate for $$....and sell them hyfi boards :-)

is public school out yet? don't people need someone to do something fun all day with their kids?