Monday, June 27, 2005

Benny Hinn: Godsent or just another money hungry asshole?

From Nigeria:
Whatever disappointment he felt on the first and second days of the miracle crusade, Hinn kept to himself - but he opened up with anger on the final day.

"Four million dollars down the drain," he shouted into the microphone from the huge rostrum.


shnitzle said...

is it safe to say that if this is what Christianity is about (which i know it isn't, but the world percieves this) then i want nothing to do with it or with the label (ie "Christianity"). can we get further from Christ?

Cabs said...

Yeah...this guy is a real trip. Haven't heard much about him in years but it was bad even then. Interesting what power and $ and empire building can do to people.Billy Graham, on the other hand, has stayed pretty humble despite his tremendous fame and impact. He did his final crusade in NYC last week. I'll have to go on the web and see how it went.

Cabs said...

re: Billy's one link..from ABC.
The crusade ended yesterday btw