Monday, January 31, 2005

technology excitement of my day

I'm planning on buying a new computer before I graduate from college this semester. I've been looking at the 15" Powerbook (Mac) G4, and I was excited to see that Apple has released an upgraded line today featuring (in the model I'm looking at) 1.5Ghz processors for a good price.


Keith Paul said...

Where are the G5 PowerBooks?

Good that you've got your blog up.

sheyene said...

I am about to upgrade my ibook to a powerbook before I graduate as well. I bought my ibook a couple years ago but I didnt really know what features to get. What types of things are you looking at?

shnitzle said...

the G5 processor runs to hot to put in a lap top yet apple fritter unfortunatly. I'm hoping to get this G4 15" powerbook with all options except RAM maxed out.